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About Us

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Ken & Kris met while stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa in 1990. They've been together ever since.

Ken & Kris have individually and collectively racked up visits to locations all over the globe and too numerous to mention.

Ken's originally from Kentucky. Kris was born and raised in Indiana. After our respective tours of duty, we usually just say we're from "lots of different places."

Bjorn at work

What a job!

Ken is mostly self-taught in his armouring techniques. He frequently networks with other armourers to learn new techniques and refine his current ones.

Bjorn is a member of the Outlands Preceptory of the Templars and currently serves as the seneschal for the order. He is also currently forming a Yahoo group for people who are intersted in studying various rune forms and applying them to SCA award scrolls and re-creations of period items.

Thorhild in action

Eat your heart out, Xena!!

Kris is an authorized heavy fighter in the Society for Creative Anachronism and has recently qualified for rapier combat with The Adrian Empire. She also helps in the armoury occasionally and does most of the marketing & administration for Nordic Arms and maintains a CafePress online shop.

Thorhild's SCA affiliations include the Rolling Thunder (the Dark Thunder branch). She iscurrently working toward armored (live steel) combat and marshal qualification in The Adrian Empire. She also maintains several Yahoo groups, including one for her side of the family and Bjorn's Nordic Scribes group.


Here's a list of some of our favorite movies & shows:

- The Good the Bad & the Ugly (Thorhild's most favorite movie ever made in the whole universe)

- The Quick & the Dead (The 1995 western w/ Sharon Stone & Gene Hackman)

- Conan the Barbarian (One we like to watch on our way to Estrella to get psyched up)

- Henry V (That speech is so AWESOME)

- Dead Like Me (hope SCI FI picks it up)

Here's a list of some of our favorite events:

Grand Outlandish
Wars of the Staked Plains

Interested in armor? Check us out

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