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This is where I'll periodically link to my non-PC views about current events, politics (both SCA and mundane), humor, the weather, or anything else that strikes a chord with me. BEWARE: I'm pretty blunt in my editorials of things. If you want nice and friendly, go to Sunday School! 


My blog is up and running!!!! Click the link below to see.

Kristin's Quips Blog

3/26/07- If you're in to healthy eating and organic foods, check out my latest blog entry!

New Weird Al Song

Wierd Al Yankovich mp3 Courtesy of This one goes out to all the ECW "fans" out there ;)

Breaking My Petroleum "Habit"
I've started riding my bike to work whenever possible. Saving about $3 in gas every time I do!

Is the BoD getting too big for their trews lately?

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!!

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