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It's a work in progress, but we'll have stuff up on a continual basis.

Thorhild storms Iberia!
This was taken in 2001 at the Medieval Festival in Maderuelo, Spain. (Click photo to see the site)

I got this cool bruise on Estrella Friday.
Spear shot, right to the face grill!

Oh shit, there I was- the remainder of the Outlands and allies during the first Hadrian's Wall scenario engagement. Friendly forces dwindling,
overrun by hoplites and some stray spearmen. Went "air swimming" before I actually hit the ground. If there were a war point for best war bruise that can be shown off without removing any clothing, I'd have won it! Good thing my director at work is a SCAdian! He didn't even blink my first day back at work. Entire visible part of the bruise was gone after three days working in the hyperbaric chamber at my job.

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