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Nordic Arms- Quality armor for the budget warrior

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Cool Zazzle & CafePress Stuff!!
We've got over 250 designs on hundreds of items in our CafePress shops! Click the links at this page bottom to get there!
Let us design your household, guild or fighting unit shirts, mugs and souvenirs. E-mail us at: for details!!!
These are only a few examples of the designs available. We've even got martial arts, current events & highlander highjinks designs!

Just in time for Christmas!!!
First of two available South Canterbury episodes on shirts & stuff!

Now Available!!! Goth gear designs, a separate military designs section, and public service insignia in addition to our other non-SCA items!

We've got stuff for all the big war events!
Click this thumbnail to see a sample item

Click this thumbnail to see a sample item.

Shirt Front
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Shirt Back

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NEW! Parody on a recent commercial. Click to see!
This one was inspired by someone I actually saw

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