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Nordic Arms News & Updates!!! See our new update page for current information on upcoming plans and what's happening at Nordic Arms.

Nordic Arms SCA Armor, Sport Armor, Live Steel Armor, LARP Armor, & Stuff for Ren Faire and Other Reenactors.
The concept for Nordic Arms started years ago, but the business just got started in earnest in January, 2005. We are literally a small "Mom & Pop" operation with a goal of getting quality, munitions-grade armor to all types of medieval reenactors at reasonable prices. Bjorn has been fighting & marshalling in the Society for Creative Anachronism  (SCA) and armoring as a hobby since 1980, so he's very familiar with the SCA armor standards. We both started the business after retiring from the Air Force and giving birth to our son, Alaric.

Bjorn inn Gauzki, formerly Bjorn Svenson (m.k.a. Ken) is the armorer of the business. Thorhild Sigurdsdottir (m.k.a. Kristin) takes care of the marketing, sales and administration. Together we market many types of peripheral armor for reenactors, with Bjorn coming up with new designs all the time. Bjorn is also constantly upgrading his tools & techniques to bring new and better designs to our buyers.The items we offer on Ebay are on-hand, so there's no waiting for fabrication. Recently we have even sold new consignment items for Arts and Armour and used items for fighters wishing to sell their pre-owned stuff. We're also testing the market for unfinished items, like unpolished helms or helms you fabricate and install your own face protection on and hand-forged campware. Our primary method of sales is through Ebay, with event sales being considered for the near future. Our shipping policy is to get the item shipped within 2-3 business days (Monday thru Friday, except holidays) of payment receipt and our goal is to ship items out in 1 business day. If we're not eventing or out of town on a given Saturday, we frequently ship items out that were paid for the previous Friday evening. We ship to most locations worldwide, including APO and FPO addresses. So far, our international business has generated orders to Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan, & Spain! You can contact us directly at if you have questions about new designs, future event appearances or requests for items you don't see listed.

Learn more about us at our personal home page.

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Let us design your household, guild or fighting unit shirts, mugs and souvenirs. E-mail us at: for details!!!

As with participation in any contact sport, user assumes all risks when participating in full contact combat with this armour.
Posted prices are subject to change, but will be updated as soon as possible upon a decision to change them. Prices do not include shipping, which will be calculated based on total weight and shipping method of the item(s).

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"Bjorn inn Gauzki"
Bjorn sez- "Of course you could make this, but when will you?"

"Thorhild Sigurdsdottir"

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