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Armor Care Tip of the Week:

Living in a house equipped with an evaporative or "swamp" cooler can present challenges in keeping the finish on your metal items nice. The moisture put out by these cooling systems makes fingerprints more damaging. From personal experience, we've seen fingerprints appear literally overnight during swamp cooler season. Whether you make armor to sell or just want to keep your personal stuff in good condition, constant attention should be paid to your armor after every time it is handled. Here are a couple things to do:
- You can put a coat of light oil or WD-40 on your steel armor.
- Bjorn always puts a coat of furniture polish on steel items awaiting sale and after each handling. The carnuba wax in the furniture polish lays down a light protective coating on the metal, helping to prevent or delay the formation of rust. The furniture polish also smells better than oil or WD -40.

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